This is our manifestor: a living document that guides us. We thought about writing a manifesto, but that didn’t express the reality of the situation, that our goals and perspectives will change over time.

There’s something about the expression “out of sight, out of mind” that resonates.  It’s culturally pervasive because we all seem to recognize that, on average, when we don’t see people, we don’t think about them as much.  Often, when we don’t see people, we enter an emotionally shallow relationship with them.  So what does this human trait help us understand about science education?

Imagine a world where we didn’t have direct human interactions with the people we love.  Man and wife might consumate their marriage face-to-face to make a baby, but over 90% of how they know each other is from journalistic writings about each other that they receive from a third party.

This is the nature of most students’ relationships with the science that they’re supposed to learn.  ” some text about this and show me that you know it.”  But it’s still, for the student, out of sight, and maybe thereby, out of mind.

Our mission is to take science out of the abstract and into the emotional by making it visible, putting students face-to-face with science.  We think that just about everybody will fall in love with the reality of the existence in which we live if they just get to know it a little bit better.

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